What Is Blogging?

         The word “blog” is an abbreviation of the term “weblog”. Back in the early 1990s, when the internet as we know it today was still in its infancy, weblogs were a form of online diary keeping. The earliest bloggers would share details of their everyday lives on first-generation blog sites such as Open Pages and Open Diary.

         By the end of that decade, blog technology improved to the point where readers could leave comments on other people’s blogs, and even include links to other web pages. Very quickly, improvement in search engine technology made it simple for anybody to find blogs written about whatever specific topics were of interest to them.

         By the mid-2000s, open source blog hosting sites such as Blogger, Tumblr, and WordPress began to offer free software that any user could use to create and publish professional-looking blogs quickly and easily. These sites, which remain popular today, also hosted and distributed the blogs for free so that bloggers could write as many blogs as they wanted and there was sure to be a steady supply of regular, loyal readers.

         Today, there are literally millions of blogs being written every day and on every subject imaginable. Whether you are interested in anthropology, cooking, sewing, movies, sex or sports, with just the click of a few buttons you can be connected with thousands of freshly-written blogs on the topics you like best. Plus, you can interact with the writers, meet other people who share your interest, and engage in a lively interchange with an entire community devoted to whatever subject you are into.

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