10 Secrets to Selling from the Stage

I’ve had success, but definitely not luck in speaking and selling from the stage. My closing ratios usually come in between 37-and-82 percent. I think the real strategy is making it look like luck, but being strategic without ever making it appear strategic.

Be absolutely 100 percent authentic, while learning the craft of speaking, and studying that craft so you ultimately become a master of your content.

Here are the top 10 things I have found to greatly attribute to my success of selling from the stage:

  1. Be 100 percent authentic – This is an ethical requirement and an important key to successful speaking. If you are transparent, they can see it. You must be 100 percent truthful. The audience can sense lies immediately.
  2. Don’t be rehearsed but be practiced – A lot of speakers might disagree with me here, but I have done fantastic things by going off the cuff. It feels spontaneous; as if they have their own show. It comes across as if you are not selling them.
  3. Have a converting offer – I pride myself on my offer. It includes huge content and the tools to show everything I have done in my business. Some refer to it as the ‘pile on close.’ I call it good business. All of the forms I use in my business get updated every six months with who to call, and what deals are available. You are ultimately creating your business in a box – a package deal.
  4. Have amazing customer service (Your back-end is your best friend) – You traveled a long way to get new and dedicated clients/customers; treat them with respect and service. My staff calls customers within 24 hours of receiving the course to welcome them to the program. The promoters love this as it reduces refunds, and allows the promoter to stand behind you and the product, so they will recommend you whole-heartedly to their promoter friends!
  5. Everything said should have a purpose – Tangents and stories are key, but they must relate to your offer. Establish credibility right away. Know your content inside and out!
  6. Create camaraderie – Look everyone in the eye at least once. Do not avoid eye contact, it is your friend!
  7. Have passion – I believe that all of life should be lived with passion. If you are passionate about your topic and your customers/clients’ success, it will electrify the room and get everyone excited about the great business you are speaking about.
  8. Make it fun – Pick on yourself a bit; it adds humor and people really relate to it. My biggest selling strategy, and something I absolutely believe 100  percent is, ‘If I can do this business, you can, too!’
  9. Always take action and move ahead – You may make some mistakes along the way, but as long as you keep moving forward, you will learn by those mistakes and be even better at what you do. You won’t get anywhere without taking action.
  10. Find a mentor – Spend time with other successful speakers and promoters. You are whom you surround yourself with. I have found that in sports, it is better to play with someone who is better than you. Ski with a better skier, play tennis against a better tennis player. They will always push you to do your best; it is the same in the speaking business.

So take a moment and consider the keys to your speaking success. What is it that is holding you back? It is amazing how the same themes come up over and over again. Take out a pen and paper and write them down. Take action and learn from someone who is better at the business than you are, and always do what you say you are going to do. So get out and really do it.

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