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How to Find Niches That Are On the Way ‘Up’

Many aspects of digital marketing can be compared with other money making strategies – and most specifically this includes investing in stocks and shares.

You see, in many ways, choosing a keyword or a niche is a little like investing in stocks and shares. While many people won’t approach it this way and will instead focus on making money from the big and ‘steady’ niches, the big money tends to come from taking risks on lesser known niches – just like the stock market.

Just as you can make a huge profit from betting on the right horse when trading, you can do the same with digital marketing by choosing a niche or subject matter that is currently quite small but also on the way ‘up’.

Examples of Niches That Exploded

What do we mean when we say a niche that’s going up? Basically we mean any topic that is currently not that competitive but that is heading towards world domination.

So an example of this might be CrossFit. Not so long ago, this was an unheard of activity that no one had much interest in. Now it’s the biggest trend in fitness by far and has a huge number of passionate fans. Websites that took a risk by focussing on CrossFit will right now being reaping the rewards big time. The same goes for writers who focussed on the Paleo diet. To a lesser extent you could say the same for those who took a bet on the Surface Pro line of hardware!

What niches might come to explode in future? It’s never possible to say for sure but things like Virtual Reality are likely to be big news going forward while the next fitness trend could well be ‘competitive fitness’.

How to Get it Right

Getting this right is part art, part science. Of course you can never be 100% sure that a niche will take off but you can certainly try keeping your ear to the ground to see where the buzz is being generated. And there’s nothing wrong with having multiple sites in different niches to ‘spread your bets’ (which is again is a little like creating a portfolio).

Want to get really advanced though? Then why not try to influence the next ‘big thing’ by making amazing content and generating buzz around it? Take something you truly love and then use your site to attract more people to a niche that used to be small!

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Brand Mastery : The Focus is YOU! – 100K+/month of your Brand

You are Invited to learn about Personal Branding and support Red Cross

Company Logo
Interesting Image
Interesting Image
Win your Brand has teamed up with Red Cross ALBERTA FIRES to bring the next Brand Mastery Event to Calgary.
Here at Win Your Brand we are always looking at ways to make these events more exciting and accessible to everyone.

This is a workshop customize and designed for YOU
Triple your revenue, access better clients and establish your ME ONLY Authority.
If you ARE

A Consultant looking to increase profits



A Business Coach wanting to attract better clients

A Life Coach wanting to attract more clients

Author or speaker wanting to attract more clients

Unemployed and wanting to position yourself to land a job faster OR In the middle of a career shift


THIS WORKSHOP is designed for you



Sept 30 – Oct 2, 2016

9 am – 6 pm



 Best Western Village Park Inn (Subject to Confirmation)

Calgary, AB



(Meals and Coffee are included)
 $100 will be contributed to Canadian Red Cross* 


if you can not make it you can sign up to 

*Tax Receipt Application will be provided at the venue


Here’s Just Part Of What You’ll Learn At This Live Training:

In this 3-day intensive workshop you will:

• Identify your Brand and its core values

• Articulate your Brand and Its values

• Differentiate your Brand and stand out, not blend in

• Access preparatory strategies and tools to market your Brand

• Develop and execute a personalized plan to monetize your Brand

• Build streams of revenue and businesses seeded by your Brand

• Execute a step-by-step system to create passive income of your Brand

• Maximize the profit of your Brand

• Implement a personalized strategy of sustainable business to leverage your Brand

• Connect to your clients and audiences. Speak in front of the camera and share your value

statement/pitch for 30 seconds (and have a deliverable video at the end of the 3 day session)

Have fun!


The program includes special visualization and meditation led by


Rick Titan


Interesting Image
Win Your Brand Lead Trainers
(Meals and Coffee are included)
100% contributed to Canadian Red Cross* 
if you can not make it you can sign up to 



*Tax Receipt Application will be provided at the venue  



watch video
$100 will be contributed to Canadian Red Cross* 
if you can not make it you can sign up to 

*Tax Receipt Application will be provided at the venue  


Looking forward to seeing you there.



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