Is Infusionsoft Worth It? (And Is It Right For Your Business?)

Infusionsoft has quickly become a market leader in the CRM and Email Marketing Software space for small business. As their popularity grows, more small business owners just like you are trying to decide whether or not Infusionsoft is right for them. Personally, I’ve worked with dozens of CRM and Email Marketing systems in my 10+ years of online marketing experience, so I wanted to share my honest opinion in a quick review to help other small business owners make the best decision.

The Most Common Questions About Infusionsoft
Currently, Infusionsoft’s pricing is at $200-$300/month on average (depending on the features you choose) with a setup fee to get started. It’s no surprise, then, that before making this type of investment, you would ask some of these common questions:

“Is Infusionsoft worth it?”
(Does the investment make sense for your business growth?)

“Is Infusionsoft right for your business?”
(Is this the best Marketing Software for your specific type of business?)

“Is Infusionsoft too expensive?”
(Do you really get a return on what you pay for?)

Most all of these questions boil down to one simple issue — Is Infusionsoft an investment that’s going to help you grow your business? The answer to this question is absolutely 100% YES! Of course, like everything else in life you get out of it what you put into it. So please do not invest in this software if you don’t think you have what it takes to spend the time to learn how it works and really take advantage of all its horsepower. Otherwise, buying Infusionsoft and not using it is sort of like buying a top-of-the-line Lamborghini and never taking it out of 2nd gear. Big waste! 🙂

So let’s explore the cost issue more closely…

Is Infusionsoft Worth It?
The most important three letters in small business are R.O.I. (Return On Investment). Everything you spend money on should be directly (or indirectly) responsible for helping you grow your business. As the saying goes, you have to spend money to make money.

The first obstacle for most small business owners and entrepreneurs is the monthly fee for Infusionsoft. At $200-$300 for most folks, you’re looking at 5x-10x your investment when compared to other email marketing tools. Aweber, for example, starts at just $19/month. Constant Contact’s basic plan also starts at just $20/month.

Infusionsoft Is Much More Than Just Email Marketing Software
But here’s the thing — this is like comparing apples and oranges. It’s simply an unfair and inaccurate comparison. Infusionsoft is FAR MORE than just email marketing software (which is ALL you’re going to get with Aweber and Constant Contact). Infusionsoft is an all-in-one Small Business Software System. Here are some of the features you get with Infusionsoft that you don’t get with the others…

This stands for Customer Relationship Management. In a nutshell, a CRM allows you to TRACK lots of data about your customer in one place. You can pull up “Jane Smith” and view her entire Contact Record inside Infusionsoft. The day she joined your list, the lead source that originally referred her, the total money spent with your business, a complete history of her orders, a complete history of web pages viewed on your website, contact information, notes, custom fields, web forms completed, and much much more. A CRM is really the “super brain” of your small business marketing. This is really what makes Infusionsoft so darn effective as a complete platform.

Ecommerce Platform
Yes, you can use Infusionsoft to process credit cards and even Paypal transactions. Infusionsoft plugs right into Paypal, PowerPay,, and basically any merchant processing system you might be using. Infusionsoft also comes with a complete shopping cart system, affiliate marketing system, coupons, promotional tools (like 30-day free trial subscriptions) and everything you would ever need to get money. Yes, money is very important to growing your business. 🙂

-Robust Reporting
Everything inside of Infusionsoft is connected to a report. My personal favorite report is called “Lifetime Customer Value.” With just a few clicks, I can quickly see which of my customers have spent the most money over their lifetime (or over a specific period I want to view). There are also Marketing Channel Reports, Lead Source ROI Reports, Sales Reports, and on and on.

-Complete Marketing Campaigns
Infusionsoft’s “Campaign Builder” was the big game changer that really tipped the scales in their favor. This drag-and-drop builder allows you to create complete marketing campaigns quickly and easily in “flowchart mode.” This functionality transformed my marketing results because I could instantly visualize my marketing in one place.

-Sales Opportunities
If you have a sales team (or if you’re doing sales yourself) you know how cumbersome it can be to keep track of every “lead and prospect” in your Sales Pipeline. Wouldn’t it be great to have a tool that can help you keep track of every sales you’re going after in your business? Of course! And Infusionsoft has exactly that in their system, it’s called “Opportunities” and it’s genius. If you sell complex products and services or high-value goods (this is especially useful for B2B or B2C operations where sales people make numerous phone calls with customers before closing a sale), this Opportunities system will help you keep better track of all your sales (or your sales force) so you can measure Lead-To-Sale close ratios and so much more.

-Wordpress Integration
Chances are pretty good you’re small business website is running on WordPress. Good for you! Not only will you benefit from all of the wonderful advantages of having a WordPress website (SEO friendly, flexibility, etc) but Infusionsoft also plugs right into WordPress with easy plugins for tracking traffic. There are also plenty of add-ons to make using Infusionsoft features on your WordPress website super simple. But even if you’re not using WordPress, Infusionsoft forms are literally a copy-and-paste away from being live on your website.

Why Is Infusionsoft The Best Marketing Software?
I hope the answer is pretty clear to you now. What I think a lot of people miss and misunderstand about Infusionsoft is that you’re getting a complete marketing system, not just Email Marketing. The reason this is such a great investment is it really does impact every part of your business.

For me, Infusionsoft changed the game because it forced me to think differently about my business. It forced me to start becoming more systematic, and it forced me to get better at segmenting your list.

So YES Infusionsoft is definitely worth the investment. Just be prepared to invest in yourself too. If your business means anything to you at all, I’m sure you will see the value in getting smarter and getting better at your Sales & Marketing strategy.

Here’s the really good news — when you sign up with Infusionsoft, you get assigned to a Success Implementation Coach who guides you through the setup process. You can then also join a local “User Group” (for free) where other local businesses using the tool meet once per month to help each other get better at using Infusionsoft.

What questions do you have about Infusionsoft? I’m happy to answer. Just leave your comment below.

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