Pinterest Marketing Statistics

  1. 75% of Pinterest usage is done on a mobile device.
  2. 55% of US online shoppers cite Pinterest as their favorite social media platform.
  3. Pinterest monthly active users is over the 150 million mark.
  4. Pinterest is responsible for 5% of the world’s referral traffic.
  5. As of September 2017, Pinterest has 200 million active users.
  6. The average Pinterest user uses the platform for an average of 15 minutes at a time.
  7. Nearly 75% of Pinterest users have purchased a product on or because of the platform.
  8. 49% of Pinterest users have purchased 5 or more products they have pinned.
  9. 33% of new Pinterest users in recent months have been men.
  10. 25% of retail traffic is driven by Pinterest.
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